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Privacy and Confidentiality

Learn how to manage proprietary content in 3E Exchange

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In responding to a survey from your customer, you should know:

  • Only your customer will have access to your response. No other users of 3E Exchange will be able to see your information.

  • 3E Exchange will not disclose your information.

  • Any substance information that you share can be marked as proprietary, hiding the CASRN and Chemical Name from your customer. Hazard, toxicology, and other non-identifying information will be visible to your customer and appear in their reports.

  • Your data is stored encrypted, both at rest and in transit.

  • 3E Exchange employees do not have administrative access to log in to your account and see your information.

For a full explanation of our service and how we safely handle data, please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which cover non-disclosure of proprietary information.

In particular, see the "Your Content in Our Service" section of the Privacy Policy for our non-disclosure language.

Proprietary Flag

When adding a substance to a request for data, you will enter the CASRN for your chemical. You will then see the "Disclosure" section where you can designate a chemical as proprietary if desired.

When you designate a chemical as proprietary, its CASRN and Chemical Name will not appear to your customer or show up in reports.

Instead, they will see the term "Proprietary":

However, they still see any available hazard data such as the rating BM-2 above which is useful for reporting purposes.

Substances that you do not designate as proprietary will appear in reports.

HPD Reports

In a Health Product Declaration report including this proprietary substance, the chemical will appear as "Undisclosed":

LEED v4 Disclosure and Optimization Report

In a LEED v4 report including this proprietary substance, the chemical will appear as "Undisclosed":

Declare™ Labels

In an ILFI Declare Label including this proprietary substance, the chemical will appear as "Undisclosed":

Getting Help

Do you have a question about the workflow or issues you've found? 

Use the Intercom chat service in the bottom-right of your screen to connect to a 3E Exchange Customer Success Engineer, and we'll get back to you with the information or help you need.

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