Survey Attestations

Require suppliers to certify their responses at the end of a survey

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When you are using surveys to request important transparency information, its important to ensure you are receiving high-quality supplier data. Adding an attestation to your survey can help, because it requires suppliers to confirm the data is accurate and comprehensive. This tool will allow you to add an attestation dialog box that will appear once a supplier completes a BOM edit. 

Attestation Appearance

The attestation will appear in a separate workflow at the end of the survey. 

This attestation calls the supplier's attention to the importance of the information they are submitting and requires them to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the data before submitting the survey. 

Creating and Editing the Attestation
The attestation can be created and maintained in the Questionnaires tab in the sidebar.

To create a new attestation questionnaire:

  1.  Select "Add Questionnaire" at the top of the questionnaires page.

  2. Next to the BOM Attestation Template, select "Create from Template" 

  3. The attestation template will be displayed. You can edit this template the same way you do any other questionnaire, except only one question will be allowed with instructions, and only one yes or no check box answer can be selected.  If you would like to create a more complex attestation question set, that can be appended to any traditional BOM questionnaire. 

  4. Once you have completed editing the questionnaire, click "Save & Close". You'll be taken to the Questionnaires tab, where you can view and edit any questionnaire, including your newly created attestation questionnaire. 

Adding the Attestation to a Survey
The attestation can be added to a new or draft survey under the advanced options selection. 

Once you click the "Add an Attestation Questionnaire" button, a list of the attestation questionnaires you have created will be displayed in the dialog box. Select the questionnaire you wish to use and it will be added to the survey. 

Accepting and Viewing the Attestation Response
After the attestation is received, it is first available to view in the "Attestation Questionnaire" link. 

By clicking the "Accept BOM Response" button, the attestation questionnaire data automatically gets added to the metadata about the product. The response can be viewed at any time in the product BOM under the data drop-down. 

The attestation data is then available to be viewed or exported, but not edited. 

Getting Help
If you have any questions about this or other features, feel free to reach out using the intercom button or by emailing

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