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Manage Surveys Using Templates
Manage Surveys Using Templates

Save a survey as a template, and create multiple templates to effectively manage supplier data campaigns.

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When you are trying to get data from your suppliers, it can be helpful to be able to standardize what data you are asking for and how you are asking for it. We added supplier survey templates to help you manage your data campaigns, especially campaigns with many suppliers or products. 

Create Templates

You can create templates from new surveys or from sent surveys. First, to create a template from a new survey, create a survey according to what you want to send to every supplier. Except for the recipient and the product/material, every field completed is saved in the template. This includes: 

  • Supplier-level Questionnaire

  • BOM Fields

  • BOM Questionnaire

  • Advanced BOM Options

  • CC Emails

  • Subject

  • Request Instructions

  • Completion Instructions

Once a survey is created, select "Save As..." to create the template.

You then must enter a name for the survey. Be sure to use something that is easy to remember or find. 

Once you click "Save", that template will be available in the system to use. 

Additionally, you can save any past surveys settings as a template. From Surveys, simply click "Edit Survey" or "View Response" to view the survey. From there, use the templates button to save the survey. 

Apply Templates

If you start a new survey where you would like to use any of your templates, select "Apply template..." from the dropdown menu.

You will be shown a list of all your templates and you can select whichever template is required for this survey. 

If there is a template you do not need any more, you can delete it using the red button in the template list. 

If you need to update a template, simply create a new survey, apply the template you would like to update, and then save that template under a new name. You can then delete the old template as well. 

Survey templates are shared across teams, so saved survey templates would be available to everyone on the same team. 

Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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