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Publish Reports to Origin
Publish Reports to Origin

Connect your Origin account to publish HPDs, LEEDv4 Optimization Reports, and public material data to the mindful MATERIALS Library

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The Origin materials hub, which includes mindful Materials, connects your material data with the building industry. Now, you can connect your Origin and 3E Exchange accounts and publish your 3E Exchange reports and material data directly to Origin, saving you time and opening up new avenues for your reports.

You need a 3E Exchange Basic subscription in order to export reports.

Your Origin account must support editing and publishing material data.

Connect Your Account

In 3E Exchange, go to your Profile. Under Connected Accounts, click Connect for Origin.

You will be taken to Origin where you will log in and approve 3E Exchange as an application.

On success, you will be returned to your profile, which will be updated as "Connected."

Publish Reports

To begin publishing, go to your Product Library or Material Library, select a BOM and click Publish from the Actions dropdown.

At Platform, select Origin and follow the publishing wizard prompts.

When you are finished, a popup will provide a link to your new or existing material in Origin for your review.

Published Information

You can publish HPDs and LEED v4 Optimization Reports to Origin. When you publish a report, basic material information is also sent to Origin, including:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Material Image

  • Material URL

  • Manufacturer Information (as a Contact in Origin)

  • CSI Division

When publishing, you will be able to choose whether your report will be published as a New Material or to an existing material. 

  • If you choose an existing material, your report will be attached to the selected material and published to the Origin hub. The existing material will be updated with your material information in 3E Exchange.

  • If you choose a New Material, the material will be created and published automatically in Origin. Your report will be attached to the new material and published.

When you publish to Origin, you will want to make sure to connect the features in Origin that you report you published represents.


mindful MATERIALS is a select group of materials in Origin. Once you have published your material to Origin, you can request it to be reviewed for inclusion in mindful MATERIALS from within your Origin Material Management.

For more support for using Origin and mindful MATERIALS, see the resources below.


Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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