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Using Follow-up Questions or Jump-to Page Logic in Supplier Survey Questionnaires
Using Follow-up Questions or Jump-to Page Logic in Supplier Survey Questionnaires

Want to ask a question based on an answer to a previous question? Use follow-up questions to get additional information.

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Being able to ask additional questions of a supplier based on their previous answer can be very helpful for obtaining certain types of data. In order to aid in that, we have added follow-up questions and jump-to page logic to our surveys. It will allow the survey author to write additional questions that will be required or not required depending on the supplier's previous answer. 

Adding Follow-up Questions

First, create a questionnaire

Next, add the question that will determine whether the supplier needs to complete follow-up questions. 

Add the question and the multiple-choice answers.

For the answer that you would like to cause the follow-up questions to be required, use the "Jump To" drop-down to have that answer lead to the Follow-Up Questions. 

Next, add the follow-up questions. 

Now, the supplier answers yes to question 1, question 2 will be required. If the supplier answers no, question 2 will be optional. You can also use this for multiple questions (i.e. a single follow up question can be made required for questions 1 and 2).

We recommend using up to five follow-up questions after any one leading question. There can be multiple sets of leading questions and follow up questions on any page of the survey, as long as the follow-up questions always are immediately after the leading question. 

Using Logic in Questions to Jump to Other Pages

For advanced questionnaires, you can add logic to questions that jumps to other pages in the questionnaire based on the user's answer.

To add logic to a question, edit the question and add pre-defined answers.

On each answer, there is a "Jump To" drop down that lets you specify the page to jump to for that particular answer, or to jump to the end of the questionnaire.

If you need more help, write into the chat box on the lower right hand corner or send an email to

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