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Meeting Declare Small Electronics Exception
Meeting Declare Small Electronics Exception
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First, add small electronics as a custom substance. You will start by clicking on the "Lists & Substances" drop-down, and then the "My Substances" tab.

Then select "Add a Substance" on the "Custom Substances" tab.

From here you will input the necessary electrical information. See below for an example.

Next, navigate back to you library, select the desired Chemical Registry Number box, and search your substances to add that one to your BOM. We advise that you include the RoHS compliant statement in the part name.

When you are ready to create your Declare label that includes this component, you will need to make sure that you add the appropriate exception.

Once you've selected to create the Declare label, scroll down the page to find the electrical component. 

You will then select the "Exceptions" drop down for that component and select "I10-E2 - Small Electrical Components" option. Your data will be saved automatically. 

Congratulations, you have successfully added your small electronics exception! 

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