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Creating a Regulatory Screening Letter
Creating a Regulatory Screening Letter

Customers or stakeholders asking for CA Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, TSCA, EU REACH or EU RoHS compliance? Easily report using 3E Exchange.

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Understanding whether your products conform to specific regulations doesn't have to be difficult. With 3E Exchange, you can easily screen against different lists and utilize  the compliance reporting feature to notify internal and external stakeholders. 

First, view the bill of materials (BOM) of the product you'd like to screen. If you have not yet created a product or material, use this article to get started. 

Next, use the Report dropdown to select the Regulatory Screening Letter. 

From here, you'll be prompted to select the regulation(s) you are looking to include in the Regulatory Screening Letter. The regulation(s) you can generate your letter from are Cal Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, Reach, and RoHS. You can screen against one or more regulations at a time. You will then select "Create Letter."

In the following page, you will see a draft letter. When the appropriate information is filled out, you can then "Export Report."

In the example below, we chose to screen a Cup against CA Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, REACH and RoHS regulations at the same time. As regulations are constantly changing, 3E Exchange updates regulatory data every two weeks.

The Regulatory Screening Letter will appear in Word (example below), which you can then use to create a PDF.

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