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Request to Join Clients

Consultants may request to join a client's team and view or edit their data

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When you join a client's team in 3E Exchange, you are granted Viewer or Editor permissions, allowing you to - as you guessed - view and/or edit their library data. As a Viewer or Editor, you have access to all the features of your client's account, such as the ability to create new products, send and receive surveys on their behalf, and review, verify, or export reports.

Consultant accounts are special - your client does not need a team account in 3E Exchange for you to access their data. Instead, your team seats are managed in your own consultant account.

Send a New Request

To request to join a client's team in 3E Exchange, open your Consultant Dashboard and click Request to Join Client Team.

In your request, provide the client's email address, and an optional message explaining the request (we recommend you also notify them you'll be sending a request before sending the 3E Exchange message so they know what to expect).

You'll also choose which members of your consultant team to suggest to join the client's team, and what privileges they should have. For example, if Joe is reviewing a client's HPDs, you can select Joe and suggest the Viewer permission since they won't need to edit data.

When you send your request, the client receives an email from 3E Exchange with an activation code. They will review the request and select which consultants to approve, and with what permissions. You'll receive an email notification once the request has been completed.

If a new person joins your consultant team and should be added to a client's team, just send a new request to that team member!

Removing Team Members

If one of your team members no longer requires access to a client's 3E Exchange account, you can remove them. Open your Consultant Dashboard and click the Client Teams tab. Click View Team to see all of the members on the team, and click Remove to remove one.

A client may also remove one or all consultant team members from their own account at any time.

If one of your team members leaves your organization, go to Team and remove them as you normally would. They will automatically be removed from all consulting assignments.

Managing Your Client Accounts

Your consultant account has a quota of a number of clients that you may support at one time in 3E Exchange. If you're no longer working with a client, open Consultant Dashboard and click Client Teams to find the team you'd like to remove. Click View Team, and remove all of your team members. When no team members remain, the client will be removed from your dashboard and will no longer apply to your quota.

Need space for more clients? Contact us to discuss increasing your client teams quota.

Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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