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Managing Consultant Access (For Clients)
Managing Consultant Access (For Clients)

Review a consultant team request and manage their access

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When a consultant requests to join your team in 3E Exchange, you will receive an email with an activation link where you can review their request and approve specific team members with access permissions.

Approving a Request

When you receive a new request, you will be taken to the Teams page with a popup that looks something like this:

You will see:

  • A list of names, indicating consultants who are suggested to join your account, with checkboxes to select each consultant.

  • For each name, a Role which was suggested by the requestor.

  • A button to Accept the selected consultants.

To approve a consultant to join your team, select the checkbox next to their name and make sure that their role is correct for the task they are expected to perform:

  • Viewers may view any products, materials, and other data in your system, but may not make changes to that data. This is recommended for consultants who will be reviewing your products/reports, but who should not be able to make changes. All information in Supply Chain, including "My Suppliers," "My Surveys," and "My Questionnaires" are visible.

  • Editors may make changes to data in your system, and perform any actions of which your account is capable, such as exporting reports or sending new surveys. This is recommended when consultants will be collecting or managing data on your behalf.

When you're satisfied with your select, click "Accept" to finalize the request.

The activation link you received is good for one use (clicking Accept). If you need a new request, please contact the consultant - it's easy to send a new one.

Declining a Request

Not seeing the request you expected, or not ready to approve anyone to access your account? Just click Cancel - you don't need to take any further action in 3E Exchange, although we recommend contacting the consultant to clear things up. If you're getting requests from consultants you don't know, please contact us.

Restricted Consultants

Restricted consultants are consultants who you have accepted to join your team, but do not have access to your library by default. You can specify which consultants do and do not have library access in your Team page:

If a consultant on your team does not have this checkbox enabled, they will only see and be able to edit BOMs where you have enabled "Restricted Consultant" view/edit permissions or enabled them as a specific team member.

Enabling BOM Access for Restricted Consultants

In order to grant a restricted consultant access to a BOM, you will navigate to the appropriate product/material BOM in your library. In the library overview you will click on the lock button as indicated in the image below.

You will then click the "Restricted consultants may edit this product" check box which will allow consultant access.

Managing Your Team

At any time you may remove a consultant team member from your account, and they will no longer be able to access your data. Open Teams, and click the Remove button on their row.

Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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