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Request Third-Party Verification
Request Third-Party Verification

Send reports to selected consultants for verification quote and review

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Third-party verification requests can be used to share data with one or more consultant groups working in 3E Exchange - they receive a copy of your product report, and can get back to you with a quote for verification and/or feedback on your product and report. The can also begin working in your product and material library later if you approve them to access your data.

Send a New Request

To begin,

  • Open a Product or Material BOM

  • Select the 'Report' dropdown

  • Select a report type

This will take you to the preview, where you can click 'Request Third-Party Verification' to begin a request.

The request popup will ask you to select a consultant group and enter your preferred contact information. Please note that by sending the verification request, a copy of your report as-selected will be generated and downloadable to the chosen consultant for their review.
Alternatively, you can request a third-party verification quote while publishing your product to 3E Exchange, Declare (ILFI), or Origin (Giga - mindful Materials). To learn more, check out publishing articles in the Reporting Collection.

Consultant Follow-up

When you send a new request, the consultant team will receive an email linking them to 3E Exchange and your request. They will reach out to complete your quote or data review as soon as they are able.

The consultant team may also reach out to you requesting access to join your team in 3E Exchange and view or edit your library data. To learn more, see Managing Consultant Access (for Clients).

Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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