Using the Summary Row

Enable the summary row to calculate recycled content, track overall material data, and better manage your 3E Exchange Data

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3E Exchange is built to manage their chemical and material data from the simplest product to the most complex assembly. Using summary rows will allow you to store data at the top level of the product and material. For users that are using linked materials, calculating recycled content, or tracking suppliers, the summary row is highly encouraged. In 3E Exchange, the Summary Row is automatically enabled.

Viewing the Summary Row

If your Summary Row is disabled, navigate to the "App Settings" in your navigation panel and look for the "Advanced Row Hierarchy." Check the "Show Summary Row" box to enable the setting.

The summary row will now be visible on all your BOMs. 

Using the Summary Row

Now that you can see your summary data row, it is useful for many things. 

For example, you can enter recycled content for a linked material, and then roll up the overall recycled content for the entire product. Read more about Recycled Content Calculations.

If you have unit weights at the material level you can now enter that data for the materials, and enter the quantity in the product, and have 3E Exchange do all the calculations for you. You will notice that in your material, you can set the unit weight, but not the quantity.

And in your product you can set the quantity, but not the unit weight. 

With that information 3E Exchange will calculate the correct product percentages. 

Similarly, you can set many fields at the material level that will then be used in the overall product. These include role, recycled content, CAS number, and any custom columns you add to 3E Exchange. Then, any product that uses this similar will receive the information included in the summary row. 

Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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