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Substance Volume Tracking Reporting in 3E Exchange
Substance Volume Tracking Reporting in 3E Exchange

Easily import or use your current data to report to CFP

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In many countries, there are regulations that state, above a certain quantity of chemicals/hazardous substances you are required to register with authorities on the maximum quantity of the chemicals/substances you are expecting to purchase, import, produce, sell, or export within a certain period.

Substance Volume Tracking through our Portfolio Analytics is a great way to keep an eye on the yearly expected use of chemicals across your entire product and material library.

This article will use the Chemical Footprint Project as an example of how to set up Substance Volume Tracking Reporting in 3E Exchange. This Portfolio view is not limited to Substance volume tracking and can be used to check for compliance with the EPA Toxic Release Inventory.

It's easy to use our import tools or your existing product chemistry data in 3E Exchange to report to Chemical Footprint Project (CFP). Use the portfolio to report out to CFP based on your overall chemical footprint. 

Final Report

The final report you'll create will focus on the footprint calculations, like below:

Steps to Create

Ensure in your import process that you include product volume in the summary data, as well as your product chemistry data in the product import. If you need more information on those steps - read more here or reach out at

Once your data is in 3E Exchange, you can go ahead and create your report.

First, access your “Portfolio Analytics” from the left-hand menu. Then “Add a Content View”.

Next, set your title and the following settings:

Next, select the following list from the list filter "Include when ON List". 

If you would like to create a Substance Volume Tracking report that covers the EPA Toxic Release Inventory, you will find that list under "US EPA - Toxic Release Inventory PBTs".

Finally, select the relevant products from the products selection area to the right. If you do not specify products to include or exclude, diagnostics will run against all products in your library.

For the report to work correctly, you will need to have included your product sales volumes for each product screening and weight data in your BOM. Add those to the summary data of the products under the general page to include them in reporting. 

Have any questions? Reach out using the chat button in the lower right hand corner or by emailing 

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