BOM Permissions

Manage editing-access to BOMs you and your colleagues are working on.

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When working on a team in 3E Exchange, only one person may edit a BOM at a time - but sometimes you need another degree of control to prevent unintentional changes to a BOM that you're actively working on or have finalized.

With BOM Permissions, you can:

  • Lock down a BOM so that no one may edit it

  • Specify team members (including yourself) who can edit or view a BOM

  • Determine whether consultants may edit or view the BOM

When a user is not permitted to edit a BOM, they cannot change information about the product (name, description, etc.), row data, or summary data. They may still view the product, create reports, and export.

When a user is not permitted to view a BOM, it does not appear in their library or Analytics. The BOM row substance information may be visible if the user has access to a BOM which contains the invisible BOM.

BOM Permission Settings

When configuring BOM Permissions, you first determine who may edit the BOM:

  • Anyone allows all editors on your team to open and edit the BOM.

  • No one prevents all users from editing the BOM.

  • Specific team members allows only the users you enable to edit the BOM.

No one is the recommended setting when you have completed a product and do not want to allow anyone to make changes to it.
​Specific team members is the recommended setting when you or your colleagues are working on a BOM and want to prevent others from making changes when you leave it. When you choose this option, you will see a list of team members with editing roles whom you can enable.

Second, in special circumstances you may determine who can view the BOM.

  • Anyone is the default setting, and all team members will be able to see the BOM in their library and edit it.

  • Specific team members allows you to make this BOM visible only to certain members of your team.

Apply these permissions to linked materials will apply your selected changes to any materials linked to the selected product or material (and their linked materials, and so on). With this setting, your changes can quickly be pushed to a large number of related BOMs.

Configuring Permissions

These permissions will appear in your Products and Materials library views. You can click the lock button to view permissions:

  • A green shield indicates that BOM Permissions have been configured for this product or material.

  • The lock indicates whether you may currently edit the BOM - if permissions are set to prevent you from editing, or another team member is already editing the BOM, it will appear as a solid closed lock. Otherwise, the open lock indicates that you can edit the BOM.

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