Creating a Compliance Report

Create a custom Compliance Report based on your compliance determinations.

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3E Exchange can generate Compliance Reports based on your products' overall compliance determinations.

Creating a Compliance Report from Your Dashboard

To generate a Compliance Report, navigate to "My Products" and select "Create Compliance Report." You will then choose the desired option: "Select single existing Product in Library," "Select multiple existing Products in Library," or "Import a new Product." You will then select the regulations of interest and "Create Letter."

The regulation(s) you can generate your Compliance Report from are Cal Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, Reach, and RoHS. You can screen against one or more regulations at a time.

You will then be led to the next step of the compliance workflow "Select Products/Materials." In this example below, I want to create a Compliance Report for multiple products, so I've checked the boxes to the left of the desired products, then selected the next button.

From here, I can view the draft Compliance Report and "Export Report."

Creating a Compliance Report from the BOM View

An alternative pathway to creating a Compliance Report for a single product is found in the bill of materials (BOM) view. In the BOM of your desired product, you can use the Report dropdown to select Compliance Report.

Both pathways will lead you to the "Select Regulation(s)" pop-up. You'll be prompted to select the regulation(s) you are looking to include in the Compliance Report. You will then select "Create Letter."

In the following page, you will see a draft report. To populate the Compliance Report Fields, select "Edit Summary Data" and fill out the appropriate fields.

When the appropriate information is filled out, you can then "Export Report" at the "Preview & Export" step.

From there, 3E Exchange will generate the report with the product information provided (summary data, manufacturer information, logo), BOM data and compliance determinations, and selected regulation(s). The report has the compliance status of the product(s) displayed for each regulation. This will easily let you view if the product(s) requires disclosure or if it fails to meet compliance for a particular regulation.

The Compliance Report will appear in Word (example below), which you can then use to create a PDF.

As regulations are constantly changing, 3E Exchange updates regulatory data every two weeks.

The best part is that you can mange compliance for free! If you want to learn more, set up a demo with us.

Getting Help

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