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Advanced Reporting Options
Advanced Reporting Options

Configure how your reports are generated

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You can configure your reporting options by opening selecting "Settings" from the navigation panel:


Alternatives Mode
This option specifies whether "alternative" sub-components are combined into weight ranges, or just the worst case weights.

Material Selection
You can specify how materials are pulled out of your BOM hierarchy. The default is to "Use Level 1 rows." You can also specify "Use the immediate parent row of substance rows in the level hierarchy" to use the level immediately above any substances as a material.

Materials in reporting are named using the "Part Name" column by default. You can customize this if you use a different column to represent your material names in reporting. Click the "Choose which columns to use for Material Names" to select a custom column.

Declare Label Options
You can specify that you want to exclude sub-substances that are underneath other substances in your level hierarchy.

Obscure Reporting Percentages to Ranges
This options converts all your Product % by Weight percentages into rounded ranges in your reports. e.g. 0.5% will become "0-1%" and 6% will become "5-10%"

Manufacturer Information
In the Reporting Options box, you can set your default information (name, address, logo).

Getting Help

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