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Release Notes - May 20, 2019
Release Notes - May 20, 2019
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Manage Permissions for your Products and Materials

Teams can now manage permissions to edit products and materials per-BOM, giving you an extra level of control to disable changes to formulations which are completed or being worked on by one or more colleagues.

Get started with BOM Permissions.

European Community (EC) Numbers

If you or your suppliers work in Europe or with EU regulations such as REACH and RoHS, you're probably familiar with European Commission (EC) numbers which identify substances registered in the EU. Now, you can manage substances in 3E Exchange using EC Numbers: search by EC Number, see them in substance details, and display them in the BOM Editor.

Most changes are automatic, but if you're interested in seeing EC Numbers in the BOM Editor check out Setting Up your BOM Fields to learn how to add the EC Numbers column.

Select a Custom Column for Material Names

When you create a report featuring materials from your BOM hierarchy, such as a Nested HPD or Declare Label, the name of the material that appears is based on the Part Name column by default. Now you can specify the column(s) used by 3E Exchange to create the material name, to handle scenarios where you'd like to use a different external name and other complex naming conditions.

See Select a Custom Column for Material Names in Advanced Reporting Options.

Publish a Basic Inventory Material on 3E Exchange

We've provided another option to protect your formulations in publicly-visible materials: convert your material to a "basic inventory" to remove potentially-identifying material information.

See Publish your Material Information in Create a Public Material.

Update Existing BOMs with a Library Import

Managing your library just got a little easier! Now, when you have major formulation changes to many materials you can import them as a Material or Product Library which can overwrite the existing BOMs identified in your library. 

Of course, if you don't want 3E Exchange to overwrite your materials, just choose Skip and things will remain the same!

See Importing a Library in Products and Materials Library.

Living Building Challenge 3.1 Red List Disclosure Letter

Building products and interior manufacturers on their way to Declare Labels are commonly asked to manage and screen their products against the Living Building Challenge 3.1 Red List for their customer. Now, you can generate a Disclosure Letter directly out of 3E Exchange which screens your formulation for substances on the LBC Red List.

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