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Submit to MBDC for Cradle to Cradle Certification
Submit to MBDC for Cradle to Cradle Certification

Looking to achieve Cradle to Cradle certification? Complete your submission to MBDC in 3E Exchange.

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Achieving a Cradle to Cradle certification is a notable accomplishment. You can start the process by submitting your product to MBDC using 3E Exchange. First, ensure your data is complete and ready to submit using the options below, and then use the report area or the publishing platform to submit the report. 

Entering Data

There are three primary sources of data that are used in reports sent to MBDC:

  • Summary Data

  • Product Bill of Materials Data

  • Supplier Data

Summary data can be edited on the summary data page, as explained in this article. Data can be found on the Cradle to Cradle Fields Summary Data page. To navigate to this page, from the Product BOM, select "Cradle to Cradle" in the BOM navigation panel.

For the product bill of materials (BOM) data, this data can be added manually, via a spreadsheet, uploaded from one or multiple SDS sheets, or extracted from 3E Exchange Public Materials. In order to create your label in 3E Exchange, you first need to import your product data. If you want to use the simplest import, go ahead and read our general data import summary and get that bill of material (BOM) into 3E Exchange. 

The following columns are unique to MBDC submissions:

  • Technical or Biological Nutrient

  • Recyclable?

  • Do connections permit easy disassembly?

  • Percent Rapidly Renewable Content

  • Biodegradable?

  • Is this part intended to be an EMC?

Because they are unique to MBDC, they are not standard in the bill of materials view in 3E Exchange. To add these columns to your data template and BOM editor to fill them out, add them to your BOM Column Template. For more information, check out this article.

Finally, supplier data can be edited through the Suppliers page. Follow the button in the top of the report preview or use the left hand menu to navigate to the suppliers page. Add contacts and addresses for each of your suppliers. 

Previewing and Publishing the Report

Once you have entered your data, your next step should be to preview your MBDC submission. Use the "Report" drop-down to select "Cradle to Cradle" and then the report "MBDC Material Health Assessment for the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program." You will be taken to the preview.

Here you will be able to see the completed product and supplier information you will be submitting to MBDC. Use the Edit buttons at the top of the report to edit the submitted product information. Once you are happy with your submission, go ahead and use the Submit C2C data to MBDC button to begin the submission process. 

Finally, work through the publishing process to share your report with the MBDC team for analysis. It will take you step-by-step through the information needed, and at the end, you can preview again, save as a draft, or submit. 

Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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