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Managing Custom Chemical Names in 3E Exchange
Managing Custom Chemical Names in 3E Exchange

Want your customers to see a simplified chemical name in your transparency disclosure? Use this to standardize them across your system.

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When you are using 3E Exchange to create transparency disclosures, you may want to shorten chemical names so customers can more easily understand the disclosure. Or it may help clarify more about the substance you are using. 3E Exchange can store these custom names for you and apply them across the system. 

To add a custom chemical name to the system, go to "Lists & Substances" in the navigation panel and select "My Substances."

Select the "Custom Names for 3E Exchange Substances" tab and the "Add a Custom Chemical Name" button.

Then you will be prompted to search for your substance and add the new substance name. Once you complete the process you will see your new substance name in the menu. You also view any custom substances you have here as well. 

Now, when you return to the bill of material (BOM), you can add this new chemical to your BOM. Simply select the substance, and then search for your name. 

You'll be able to find your substance and add it to the BOM.

If you are working on a linked material, be sure to navigate down to the lowest level by selecting the link icon (pictured below) in order to add your new custom substance. 

Once you do this, the new substance name will now appear in your BOM and be used in Declare labels, HPD reports, LEED reports, and most other reporting where chemical names are used. 

You can also delete substance names in 3E Exchange. If you do, it reverts that substance back to the normal 3E Exchange substance everywhere the substance is used in your account. 

Declare Users

If you change a substance in the Declare preview, it won't affect the BOM, so we recommend you change the name first using this process and then the Declare label will automatically be updated. 

Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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