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Fields that Transfer to the HPD Builder
Fields that Transfer to the HPD Builder

Transferring an HPD from 3E Exchange to the HPD Builder. Here's the details on exactly what transfers.

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HPD information can be easily transferred between 3E Exchange and the HPD Builder. While most information is transferred, there are a few fields that either don't transfer or are not available in 3E Exchange at the moment. Here's a breakdown of those different fields.

Note: All "sections" listed here are referring to the sections in the HPD builder. The information can be found in the Summary Data Pages on 3E Exchange.

* = Required HPD field

General Information - Section 1: Summary

Does not Transfer:

  • MasterFormat® Classification*


  • Product Description*

  • Threshold Disclosed*

  • Inventory and Screening Notes

VOC Content Data - Section 1: Summary

Does not Transfer:

  • Consistency with other programs (3E Exchange field)

  • URL


  • General Information on VOCs*

  • Material (g/l)*

  • Regulatory (g/l)*

  • Does the product contain exempt VOCs?*

  • Are colorants available that do not increase the VOC content of the base paint when tinted?* (this is the "Are ultra-low VOC tints available?" section of the HPD Data page in 3E Exchange)

  • Third Party Verified?

  • Verifier

  • Verification Number

  • Screening Date

Product - Section 2: Content Inventory (Basic)

Does not Transfer:

  • Other Product Notes

  • Residuals/Impurities* (for Nested Inventory reports)

  • Residuals and Impurities Notes* (for Nested Inventory reports)


  • Product Name*

  • Residuals/Impurities* (for Basic Inventory reports)

  • Residuals and Impurities Notes* (for Basic Inventory reports)

Substances - Section 2: Content Inventory

Does not Transfer:

  • Substances that are not in the HPD Builder's database


  • All other substances (including those marked as proprietary, note any substance marked as proprietary in 3E Exchange will still be marked as proprietary in the HPD Builder)

    • Please note: substance notes (the 'Notes' column of the BOM view in 3E Exchange) need to contain more than 30 characters for them to transfer to the HPD Builder.

Certifications - Section 3: Certification & Compliance


  • All certification entries

Accessories - Section 4: Accessories


  • All accessory entries - Note: Must complete all fields for each accessory for it to copy because they are required fields in HPD Builder

General Notes - Section 5: General Notes


  • All general notes entries

Contact Info & Publication - Section 6: References


  • All entries


Please reach out to for questions about using 3E Exchange and for questions about HPDs and the process of getting an HPD certification.

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