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Importing Data and Maintaining your Library
Using Imports to Update & Manage your Library
Using Imports to Update & Manage your Library

Maintaining and updating your library with uploading summary data

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Once your core data is imported into 3E Exchange, you may need to update or add to that data - this article will show you how to do so using different features throughout 3E Exchange.


Updating Existing Products/Materials 

Once you have a full library of products and linked materials, you will occasionally need to update that data or even add supplemental information. Luckily, we have a few features that can help you do just that!

Let's say you are utilizing linked materials within 3E Exchange and these materials are used across your library in a multitude of your products. Perhaps you've changed your product formulation or have done an entire product transition to less toxic substances. You now need to update a lot of your materials, but doing them all individually would be time-consuming. You can easily import an entire material library to update them all at once while still having control over the substance and summary row data.

First format your data in a single spreadsheet. Below is a template you can use for a material library import.

Next, open 3E Exchange and navigate to the import page where you will select "Material Library" from the drop down. Select the file that contains your updated materials and select the "Extract and link materials" checkbox. Click the "Import Material Library" button when you are ready to continue.

On the next "Imported Columns" page, review the columns to ensure 3E Exchange is pulling your data in correctly then select "Save & View".

This screen will pop up to confirm what information you are intending to update. You can adjust your preferences as needed. 

You will then see a similar screen to this page summarizing which materials have been changed. 

Updating your materials library is as simple as that! The same steps can be replicated for updating products within your library.

Uploading Files to Multiple Products/Materials 

In some cases, you may receive or gather supplementary documentation that needs to be added to a handful of products/materials (or maybe more!). We have a simple feature that let's you do that all at once.

First, navigate to your products/materials page, click the "Material Actions" drop down, and select "Bulk import supporting files"

You will be directed to the following page. After double checking that all products are included, you can navigate to the "Edit summary data" field which will allow you to bulk assign Summary data, Compliance Data, and Questionnaire fields.

Step 3 "Select Files" will allow you to upload associated documentation in bulk:

Congratulations! You have now assigned information to multiple products/materials at the same time.

Bulk Summary Data Import

You can also import summary data for many products/materials at one-time using a bulk import.

First navigate to your library and select "Import Summary Data Library" from the import drop down.

Next, you can download in import template from 3E Exchange, add in the appropriate summary data using our example for reference, then select "Import" once you've added in the correct file. 

Each field that you would like to upload will have a separate page name, field name and then values. For example, for the CA Prop 65, EU REACH and EU RoHS fields, here are the page names, field names and acceptable values:

Page Name

Field Name

Acceptable Value

RoHS Compliance

Product Meets EU RoHS Requirements

Meets Without Exemptions

Meets With Exemptions

Fails to Meet Requirements


No Response

Product RoHS Exemptions

Any combination of the following values separated by ,







For the full list, reference the import template

EU RoHS Notes

Any value is accepted

REACH Compliance

Product Contains REACH SVHCs above the limits within the REACH Regulation





Any value is accepted

California Proposition 65

Product Contains California Proposition 65 Substance




Product Requires California Proposition 65 Disclosure




California Proposition 65 Notes

Any value is accepted

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