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Creating an LP50 Survey to send to your suppliers
Creating an LP50 Survey to send to your suppliers

Learn how to request an LP50 Material Passport from your supplier with 3E Exchange's LP50 Survey Template

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The Living Product 50 is a collaboration of leading manufacturers working to ensure that healthy, high performing building materials with full ingredient transparency are the rule, not the exception. They have collectively authored a letter to their supply chain asking for additional support to help meet ingredient transparency requests, specifically disclosing product chemistry down to 100 ppm on a shared platform such as The Digital Product Passport Library (DPPL)

To support these efforts, 3E Exchange has created a survey template to easily send requests for an LP50 Material Passport to your suppliers. 

Not a member of LP50 but need this type of data from your suppliers as well? First, consider joining the LP50. Second, feel free to share the information and request a 3E Exchange Material Passport from your suppliers as well. This effort will have the most success if many manufacturers choose to participate, and your suppliers are likely already hearing from other customers about needs for additional disclosure.

Steps to Sending your Survey

1. Enter your material and supplier data 

If you are already a 3E Exchange user, you have likely already done this step. If you are not, we have many import resources to help you easily get started. You'll want to first import your material data, which can be done here. To send a survey, at a minimum you need to import the part or material name, the supplier's part or material name if it is different than yours and the supplier name. A material library import works well for that which you can read more in the articles below.

If you need any help getting started, reach out to our support team using the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner. 

2. Select a supplier and send your survey

For LP50 Shared Materials surveys, we have an easy to use template to enter the information about the request. Select your supplier for your supplier list, select the materials you want them to complete data about - or let them fill in their own - and then click "Create Survey". Next, you'll be in the survey page, and you just need to select the LP50 Letter survey from the dropdown. And send! 

Want more information on supplier surveys? Reach out to us over the chat in the lower right-hand corner or use the article below to read more about sending supplier surveys. 

Now that you've sent your surveys, be sure to follow up with your suppliers to ask them to complete the needed data and communicate clearly why the information is needed. It's important to work with your suppliers to understand their questions and hesitancy. It also likely will take time to collect the needed data, so you can send reminders right from 3E Exchange to make sure they remember to complete the survey. 

Finally, don't forget to thank them once they have provided the needed details, and make it clear that your company, including the purchasing or supply chain department, values their effort. 

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