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Adding a Material Passport to Your Library
Adding a Material Passport to Your Library
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Whether you're browsing the Digital Product Passport Library (DPPL) library or a supplier has published material with you directly, here we will walk through the steps of how to accept that data into your own library.

If a supplier has published a passport to you directly, you will receive an email that looks something like the following image. Click the link that says the material name in order to view the passport data.

You will be directed to the material's published passport page. Here you will see several options including:

  • Add to My Materials Library - saves this material to "My Materials" in your account

  • Contact Company - allows you to reach out to the company via email

  • View Company's Page - gives you access to the manufacturer or supplier's company page to view more of their product information

You can also see the material passport's disclosure threshold and click on "View Ingredients" to display the full BOM data that has been published to you. Other data that may or may not have been published to you by this external company include the following:

  • Sustainability data

  • Circularity data

  • Compliance information

  • Ingredient information

Once you've determined that you would like to add the material to your library, just select "Add to My Materials Library". You will get a green notification that the material has successfully been added to your library and you can view it by clicking on "Go to Material in My Library."

It's as simple as that! From that point on, you can add that material into the necessary products throughout your library and use that data to screen against compliance or create sustainability reports!

Getting Help

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