Assign and Update Summary Data in Bulk

Everything you need to know about using the "Assign Summary Data and supporting files for multiple Products" functionality

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From time to time, updating and adding files for multiple products across your library is a necessity. If you received an offline survey response, you will be adding data through this workflow. Or perhaps your company has recently changed all the products in a product line or has gathered a large amount of compliance information that needs to be added. This function allows you to select multiple products/materials and update summary data in bulk! You can use this when:

  • Your supplier sent you a letter than says all their materials don't contain EU REACH SVHC chemicals and you need to add that to the system.

  • You want to set the HPD General Notes for many products to the same value.

  • You want to save an EPD that applied to a few of your products in the documentation

  • And many, many more!

To get started you will want to navigate to your Library and then select your Products or Materials page (whichever one you are wanting to update). If you are coming from the offline survey response workflow, you can skip to the second step.

From here you can select any number of products/materials that you want to edit (you can also select your desired products/materials after entering the new workflow). After you've made your selection, click on the "Product Actions" drop-down and select "Assign Summary Data and supporting files for multiple Products".

In the first step, you will see a list of the products/materials that have been selected. On this page, you can also select additional products/materials or delete any that no longer need to be updated. Once you are happy with this list, select "Next Step" to move onto the second page.

The "Edit Summary Data" step is where you will define what summary data to update. First, select the "Add Summary Data/Questionnaire Page" drop-down. Then select whatever data type you would like to add.

The "add pages" pop-up will appear. Here you can select which pages or specific fields you would like to update. Once you have finished selecting the desired pages/questions, click "Add Pages".

After the pages and questions have been added, you can fill in the information and move between pages by selecting the drop-down pictured below or clicking on the "Next Page" button. Once you have added all the information you wish to update, you can click "Next Step".

In step 3, you will see all of the files that were added in step 2. You can also use the "Add File" button to select additional files. You can then use the drop-down to assign that file a file type and you can add in a description (optional) by typing in the text box. Once you are happy with the state of your files you can select "Next Step".

Now that you have edited all of the desired summary data information, select "Import Data" to finalize and apply the changes.

Congrats! You have successfully edited your summary data in bulk. So much data edited with just a few clicks of a button!

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