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Answer-dependent BOM Content Data
Answer-dependent BOM Content Data

Make BOM Fields Required Based on Questionnaire Responses

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There may be some scenarios where you only need BOM data from your supplier depending on their answer to a questionnaire - this can now be customized when creating your surveys!

Perhaps in your questionnaire, you asked your supplier if their formulation had changed at all from the previous year. If their answer is, "Yes," you can change the settings while creating a survey to, "Only ask for BOM Content data if my supplier gives a specific answer on my questionnaire." As another example, if you are asking for EU REACH Compliance and only require them to fill out the content data if they have an EU REACH SVHC, you can use this feature to set that up as well.

To enable this setting, you will make changes while you are setting up your survey. Visit this help article to learn more about creating a survey: Step by Step: Creating a Supplier Survey.

Under 'requested data' then 'custom questionnaire' section in the survey set up, you will select the BOM questionnaire you want to send to your supplier. You will see the "Answer-dependent BOM content data" section. Here is where you have the opportunity to select the question and multiple-choice answer that requires BOM data.

To add the question and answer, select "Only ask for BOM Content data if my supplier gives a specific answer on my questionnaire".

You will see this pop up where you choose the page, question, and answer. Once you're happy with your selections, hit "Done".

Once your question and answer have been chosen, you will see the confirmed setting on your survey page. Now you know that the fields chosen by you in the 'Material Disclosure' step are only required based on the answer provided in the BOM questionnaire.

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