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Importing and Editing SCIP Data
Importing and Editing SCIP Data

Getting ready to submit to SCIP? Set up your data in SCIP Data in 3E Exchange

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Just getting started with SCIP? Start with the Step by Step article that gives you a summary of the process. Read on for the detailed instructions on importing the SCIP product and material data

There are a few different types of data needed for the SCIP submission. First, there is the data detailing the components or articles in your product, and the chemicals in those components or articles. In 3E Exchange, we call that a bill of materials or BOM data. That will be imported using the normal workflow, which you can read more about here. Next, you will need to import data about the product and article that SCIP is specifically requesting, such as Article Category and Safe Use Instructions. This help article details how to import that data.

Within 3E Exchange, you can add SCIP data in three ways: manually for each product, manually for many products at one time, called - Assign Summary Data in Bulk, or by importing it using the Bulk Import SCIP Data workflow.


First things first, we recommend that you enable a compliance setting to ensure ease of use as you add in data. Go to "Settings" in your navigation panel and click the checkbox for "Default new Materials as REACH Articles."

This will ensure that your linked materials are marked as REACH articles and will make it easier for submitting data later on.

Manually Inputting SCIP Data

To manually input SCIP data, you will want to navigate to the "SCIP Dashboard" in the navigation panel under "My Materials". You will then select "Need to be Submitted to SCIP".

You will see a list of products in your library that contain substances on the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs), which means they need to be submitted to the SCIP database according to ECHA guidelines.

To manually add data, you will start by clicking on the name of the product.

Then select "Edit and Submit SCIP Notification" on the REACH Candidate List & SCIP compliance page.

You will be directed to the SCIP data page. You will want to fill out all of the fields to the best of your ability. If you are missing data, 3E Exchange will not allow you to submit it to SCIP because ECHA will reject the information.

Note: At the very bottom of the below screenshot there is the "Sub-Articles" section. This will list any sub-articles in your product. Those sub-articles also need to have their SCIP data completed before submitting. You can click on the article name (in this case, where it says "201") and edit the SCIP data for the sub-article(s).

Manually Assign Summary Data in Bulk

This feature allows you to assign the same summary data to many products or materials at the same time. It is important to note that the exact same data will be added for each product or material. If you would like to add different data depending on the product or material, use the bulk import by uploading a spreadsheet. If any fields in the process are left blank, the existing data in the products or materials will be left as is. Any fields that are completed will be overwritten to the new information, so ensure you wish to update all products and materials with that data.

To assign summary data in bulk, you will start at your product or material library. In that library, you can select the products you need to add SCIP data for, or you can just click on the "Assign Summary Data and Support Files for Multiple Products..." in the "Actions" menu below.

Select the products or materials you want to add the SCIP data about and then move to the "Edit Summary Data" step. There you will need to select the SCIP data page to add the SCIP information. You can also select the EU REACH SCIP Questionnaire.

You will then complete the fields listed according to any data that is the same for all the products selected in Step 1. If any fields are left blank, the existing data in the products or materials will be left as is. Any fields that are completed will be overwritten to the new information, so ensure you wish to update all products and materials with that data.

Bulk Import SCIP Data

This is the best workflow to upload data for multiple products at one time. In order to import the SCIP data from a spreadsheet in bulk, you will need to complete our template spreadsheet available here.

The spreadsheet includes instructions for how to fill it out and what fields are required for SCIP submissions. Once you've completed the spreadsheet, you will navigate to your "My Products" page. Then click on the "Import Data" workflow and select "SCIP Data."

You will then select the completed file and select "Import File" to import your SCIP data.

Data Needed for SCIP Submission

Article Name

Article Identifier

Article Photo (optional)

Article Category

The article category provides a summary of the function or use of the article in question and aims to provide a common understandable name or description. The article cateogy will be a series of dropdowns in 3E Exchange that correlate to the pre-defined TARIC codes.

Production in the European Union

Characteristics (optional)

Safe Use Instructions

As part of the REACH requirements, communication of information to allow safe use of the material during the product's lifecycle is required for articles containing SVHC. Please include the information needed to safely use this material. For more detail, reference Section 3.4.1 in the Guidance on Requirements for Substances in Articles, found here.

Concern Elements (required for sub-articles)

Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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