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Send A SCIP Supplier Survey
Send A SCIP Supplier Survey

Need to submit data to the SCIP database? Collect the needed information from your suppliers via supplier surveys.

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Do you need to submit data about your articles imported into the EU to the SCIP database? If so, use the following guide to collect any missing data from your suppliers.

First, you will start a survey using the normal survey set-up. The below help article guides you through the process of setting up a supplier survey. Come back to this article once you're on the survey set-up page.

Now that you have your materials selected and your survey is ready to be customized, let's apply the SCIP-specific template. On your "Create Surveys" page, click on the "Templates" drop-down and select "Apply Template".

Find the "EU REACH SCIP Survey Template and click "Select".

You will immediately see the changes applied to the survey. This should include pre-selected BOM Fields in the BOM Content Data section, a SCIP BOM Questionnaire with answer-dependent settings enabled, and a pre-written set of instructions. You can use this template as is, or as a starting point.

You can make a copy of the pre-built SCIP questionnaire and make customizations or even include additional BOM fields in your survey! The possibilities are endless, but this should provide you with a solid foundation to collect your SCIP data.

Getting Help

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