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Submitting Data to the SCIP Database
Submitting Data to the SCIP Database

This article walks you through the process of submitting data to the ECHA SCIP Database.

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Once you've added your SCIP data to 3E Exchange and prepared it to be sent off, it's time to formally submit it to the ECHA SCIP Database! This help article will walk you through this submission process for multiple products/materials as well as individual products/materials.

First, make sure you've connected your 3E Exchange and ECHA Accounts. This help article will walk you through that process if you have not done so already.

Once your accounts are connected and your data is ready, you can begin submitting data to the SCIP database.

Submitting in Bulk

To submit SCIP data in bulk, you will make your way to the "SCIP Dashboard" under "My Materials." You will then select "Need to be Submitted to SCIP".

You will see a list of products that contain substances on the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs), which means they need to be submitted to the SCIP database according to ECHA guidelines.

Depending on the data that you have imported or manually changed in the system, you will see one of two options under the "Validation Status" column. "Ready to Submit" means you've added all of the required data, "Not ready to submit" means you're missing required information. You will want to import data or bulk edit those products to get them to the "Ready to Submit" state, or you can remove them from your dashboard so you can submit the ones that are ready.

For this example, I will be removing all but 3 of them so I can submit them to the SCIP database. To remove products from this view, you will select the checkbox next to them and click "Remove Selected" at the top of the screen.

Now that all of the products in the dashboard are ready to submit, select "Submit All" at the top of the page.

You will see a processing screen as your data is sent to the SCIP database. Once the data has been successfully processed, you will see this confirmation.

At any time you can refer back to your SCIP dashboard and click on "Find all products already submitted to SCIP" to check on the status of the submitted data. If for any reason you see a "Submission Rejected" status, you can click "Info " to better understand the reason behind the rejected status.

Congratulations! You've successfully submitted data to the SCIP database!

Getting Help

If you have questions about using 3E Exchange or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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