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How do Documents like SDS', Compliance supporting files, and Declare Emissions roll up? How can you manage documentation on 3E Exchange?

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Need to compile and manage supporting documentation for your products? In 3E Exchange, we can track documents that have been stored for linked materials that roll up into your final product.

Let's look at how document inheritance works in an example BOM.

In the "Darth Vader Toy" BOM below, we can see the composition of this product. The overall product is made up of a "Toy Body," which is a material that also contains linked sub-materials. Learn more about linked materials and their use case here. The "Toy Body" is made up of "Adhesive," "Powder Coat," "Toy Arms," and "Toy Legs."

In 3E Exchange "Documents," we store General Supporting Files, SDS', Declare Emissions, Declare Responsible Sourcing, and compliance files (California Proposition 65, Conflict Minerals, REACH, ROHS).

For this example product, we can see the overall product documentation clearly. There is a Declare Emissions and a California Proposition 65 Supporting File.

To view documents that have rolled up from linked materials, click the ">" next to "Material Documents." Now, we can clearly see the inherited documentation. The materials and sub-materials will be organized and indented by the levels. For example, we know that the "Toy Body" is a Level 1 material, while the other materials are Level 2 materials. In the example below, we can see this hierarchy is displayed by the indentation.

Now we can see supporting files that have rolled up from linked materials to the overall product. If a material doesn't contain documentation, such as the "Adhesive" below, it will read "No File(s)."

Documentation stored on custom pages will also be stored. As an example below, Sales Volume files can be stored and rolled up.

Because of this feature, 3E Exchange is a great place to store and manage your documentation for compliance, sustainability reporting, test results, and more!

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