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3E Exchange Onboarding Tutorials
3E Exchange Onboarding Tutorials
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Basic 3E Exchange Account Set Up

This video reviews how to update your manufacturer info page, turn on auto calculations, and the basic of navigating the 3E Exchange site.

  • Auto-calculations

  • How to populate your manufacturing data

  • How to favorite a regulatory list so that all substances are screened against it

  • How to check your product quota

  • How to change your password

  • How to connect an ILFI

  • Origin or ECHA account

Products & Materials Overview

In this video, we'll go overusing products and materials in your 3E Exchange account. What are products vs. materials? How to add rows into a product/material BOM? Why are linked materials necessary and who should use them? How to add linked materials into a product manually and via import.

  • Where to find products and materials

  • Why linked materials are important

  • How to edit materials

  • How to manually add a material to a product Import material library

  • View import results

How to Import Products and Materials with Templates

In this video, we'll cover where to find product and material import templates and how to do a basic product import in the system.

  • Where to find import templates

  • Overview of types of imports

  • How to read the template (examples and tabs within the template)

  • How to fill out a basic product BOM template

  • How to map during the import

  • Different advanced options

  • Final view of how the information pulls into 3E Exchange

How to Import an SDS

This video reviews how to create a new product record from an SDS, how to QA an SDS, and how to import an SDS library vs. a singular SDS.

  • How to import your SDS. into 3E Exchange

  • Bulk importing an SDS

  • How an SDS looks in your BOM view

How to Set Up a Bill of Materials (BOM)

In this video, we'll cover how to read a Bill of Materials or BOM on 3E Exchange along with how to edit your BOM data to achieve your goals.

  • Rearranging column views

  • Adding custom columns

  • Levels of hierarchy

  • CAS #s at lowest levels

  • Marking CAS #s as proprietary

  • Product vs Material % by weight

  • Adding new rows

  • Adding linked materials into a BOM

  • Editing cells within a BOM

  • Hazard codes and Regulatory flags within a BOM

  • Auto-calculations

Chemical Lists & Hazards Scores

In this video, we'll cover our chemical substance database, the chemical lists we have on 3E Exchange, how to screen your products and materials for substances, and how to view GreenScreen scores.

  • Where to find chemicals in 3E Exchange

  • Regulatory and hazard lists in 3E Exchange

  • How to screen your products for chemical lists using flags

  • How to view and read GreenScreen scores

  • How to create a portfolio view linked to a hazard list

How to Set Up Suppliers

In this video, we'll cover how to set up your supplier library and how to link your products and materials to supplier records for sending surveys.

  • How to import supplier data

  • How to manually add a supplier to 3E Exchange

  • How to link products and materials to suppliers manually

  • How to link products and materials to suppliers via BOM import

  • How this helps with sending surveys

Summary Data Pages

In this video, we'll cover how to create and utilize BOM and Supplier Summary Data Templates for your product and material library.

  • What are summary data templates

  • How to create BOM summary data templates

  • How to create Supplier summary data templates

  • Where summary data templates populate and store data

  • How to insert summary data templates into survey questionnaires

How to Create a Custom Questionnaire

This video reviews how to create a questionnaire and how to include it in your survey.

  • How to set up a custom questionnaire in 3E Exchange

How to Create a Survey

This video reviews how to create a supplier record and an empty product record in order to test the supplier survey process, how to set up a survey template and send a test survey, gives a walkthrough of the fields that a survey can cover including ingredient data, sustainability, compliance, circularity, documents, certificates, and custom questionnaires.

  • Creating a survey in 3E Exchange

  • Setting up a survey template

  • Sending test surveys

Supplier Survey Best Practices

This video reviews the best practices of sending supplier surveys and doing supplier outreach; including how to prime your supplier, how to build a reminder schedule, and follow up suggestions.

  • Sending an email introduction

  • Creating a reminder schedule

Compliance Overview

In this video, we'll cover a primary compliance use case for a 3E Exchange user who wants to utilize automatic product screening or enter manual compliance responses.

  • Automatic BOM screening for compliance (California Proposition 65, REACH, RoHS, and Conflict Minerals)

  • Overview of the 4 compliance regulations

  • Entering in responses for compliance

  • Collecting compliance information via survey

  • Bulk importing compliance responses

Compliance Reporting (How-to)

This video reviews creating a compliance report or letter for California Proposition 65, REACH, RoHS, or Conflict Minerals.

  • Walks through compliance reporting workflow

  • Reviews creating compliance reports or letters

Portfolio View

In this video, we'll cover creating and managing portfolio analytics in your 3E Exchange account. Keep in mind that only pro subscriptions or above are able to save portfolio views in their account.

  • What is a portfolio view?

  • Dashboards vs. views

  • Product/Material analysis

  • Screening for list flags

  • Organizing survey responses

  • Exporting portfolio analytics into Excel

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