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Declare Labels for Product Families: Alternatives & Composites
Declare Labels for Product Families: Alternatives & Composites

Introduction into more advanced Declare label BOM organization

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Can I list multiple products or materials on one Declare label?

A product family can be listed on a single Declare label if each of the products has identical ingredients or if the ingredient differences between the products do not exceed 10% of the total mass of the product.

Other important details to know:

  • Manufacturers must list the generic name for the components/parts and chemicals reported

  • Manufacturers may not list the trade name or brand name of supplied components or their ingredients without consent of the supplier (unless a supplier has an active Declare label)

How do I create a 3E Exchange BOM with multiple products or materials in it?

There are a couple ways to complete this task.

  1. Import a BOM (bill of materials) with multiple materials listed within one product using hierarchical levels to display this. You can go to "Import Data" and download the template for a product BOM to fill out.

  2. Take existing products or materials and combine them manually within your 3E Exchange account (see instructions below about creating composite and alternative products).

What is the difference between a composite and alternative product family?

A composite product will combine multiple product or material records in your library into one product. For example, if you have Material 1 (wood), Material 2 (finishing spray), and Material 3 (nails) within your 3E Exchange library, you can select the check box next to all 3 of them and then go to Actions > Create Composite Product to combine them into one BOM. The materials will remain as "linked materials" meaning any updates to the original material records will carry over into the new product you created.

A composite product will require you to enter weight data into the summary rows for the sub materials so that 3E Exchange can apply auto calculations to the new product.

An alternative product is one where products are very similar in composition data and are used instead of each other. For example, 5 tables might have slightly different weights or finishing ingredients. An alternative will be created in the same way as a composite product, but you will select this check box after clicking on "Create Composite Product."

An alternative product will have the word "Yes" in the "Alternative?" column of your BOM (you might have to rearrange your column views to see this). You can also manually type the word "Yes" into a BOM "Alternative?" column to tell 3E Exchange that you would like to create alternative materials.

You can also create alternative ingredients within your BOM by uploading BOM data with the word "Yes" in the alternative column next to applicable chemicals or manually adding that data on 3E Exchange. You can see here that 3 color options are alternatives of each other within a sub material.

How do I submit a Declare label after creating my composite or alternative product or product family?

After adding your data to 3E Exchange, you can click on the "Submit Declare Label" workflow to kick off the process!

Getting Help

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