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How to manage your customers and set up customer requests on 3E Exchange!

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3E Exchange allows users to manage both suppliers and customers in 3E Exchange. What's the difference you may ask? The MY CUSTOMERS tab on the left toolbar stores a list of contacts that your company sells products or materials to. The MY SUPPLIERS tab on the left toolbar stores a list of contacts that you purchase raw materials from.

How do I add customers to my 3E Exchange account?

You can either press Add Customer to add one customer at a time or you can download the import template then press Import Customers to pull in customer information in bulk.

What information is stored within a customer record?

You can store company names along with company contacts (1+) under each customer record. You will also notice tabs to organize the products/materials/parts that you sell to your customers along with requests that you're receiving from them. We will go into more detail about requests later in this article.

How do I link products/materials/parts to my customers?

If you click on the PARTS tab, you can press "+ parts" to search your library and associate products and materials to your customers. You can even add more than one at once.

After adding products/materials to a customer record, you can also view all customers associated with a single product or material from the BOM page under MY PRODUCTS or MY MATERIALS. You will find it under the "Supply Chain" dropdown.

How do I allow customers to use my custom URL link to send requests to my team?

When you go to MY CUSTOMERS, you will see a button at the top of the screen to generate your own URL. You can either click here or go to the Passport Library > My Brands to create/edit your link.

Here you can press EDIT to change your URL at any point. You can also COPY the link from this page. Be sure to publish your company page by pressing the button in the top left when you are done with the link.

After you've created your custom link, you can send it to customers via email at any time. This link will take them to a page like this with your company logo and information on it. Customers can request compliance reports pertaining to your products and materials using this page without having to sign into 3E Exchange. If the customer does not have a page in MY CUSTOMERS yet, 3E Exchange will create one.

When a customer sends you a request to fulfill, it will show up under MY CUSTOMERS and you will also receive an email.

You can click on this request to see the full details:

You will be able to select materials from your library to replace the ones that were requested if the requested names do not match a record in your library.

When you're done selecting products and materials, you can press "Respond to Request" to send a zip file of reports to your customer. You will notice that the verbiage "Needs Response" will be removed from MY CUSTOMERS after you've finished the request.

When a report is sent out, 3E Exchange will always generate a RESTRICTED level material passport to the Passport Library with the report that you generated.

You can also view the reports you sent out and download them by going to MY CUSTOMERS and clicking on the request you responded to previously. Everything will be logged and stored here for your records.

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