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How to utilize 3E Exchange workflow statuses and expiration dates for products and materials.

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Did you know that 3E Exchange has the ability to fully track your products and materials individually to notify you when they need updating for compliance or substance data?

You can find these workflows under MY PRODUCTS or MY MATERIALS here:

If you don't see "Workflow Status" at the top of your screen, you can go to your settings here to make sure the following features are shown:

  • Workflow Status

  • Assigned To

  • Expires On

So how do I set statuses?

You can click on the Workflow Status cell next to any product or material record to set the status. You will have the following options to choose from:

When you change a status, it will also show up in your product or material BOM view:

All of these will need to be manually changed in your account except for the survey workflows. These will be automated as you send, receive, and accept surveys for a material.

When the status is sent to "Approved," the Expiration date will automatically populated in the appropriate column. It will be set for one year out from when you approve the product.

If you want to set the "Expires On" column to expire on a different time frame besides 1 year, you can go to your settings and change it here:

When you receive a survey from a supplier, you will have the option to "Accept and Approve" if you would like your product and material library workflow status to automatically switch to "Approved" and then set the expiration date for you.

These new workflows will help you keep track of your products and materials so that you don't miss a beat! If you ever want to add a customized status to a product or material, you can still add that under the column titled "Status."

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