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Creating Reports in Bulk
Creating Reports in Bulk

Instructions on creating compliance reports for multiple products or materials in your library at one time.

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Need help creating a compliance report about more than product or material at one time? If so, you're in the right place!

On either the ‘My Products’ or ‘My Materials’ page, select the products or materials that you want to create a compliance report for by checking the boxes next to their names. Go to ‘Actions’, then click ‘Create Reports’.

You will then be prompted to select the type of report that you want to generate for your selected products. Click on the report type of choice, then click ‘Preview’.

If you select either ‘Regulatory Screening Letter’ or ‘Compliance Report’, you will see an additional popup to select the regulations that you want to report on.

In the following page, you will see the list of products or materials that you have selected. You can click ‘Preview’ to go to the individual generated reports and make any updates needed.

Preview option:

Click ‘Generate Reports’, and you will be able to download all generated documents in a ZIP files, or choose each of the individual reports to download.

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