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Introducing 3E Exchange's Supplier Survey Creation Process!
Introducing 3E Exchange's Supplier Survey Creation Process!

Instructions on how to easily and quickly send 3E Exchange survey using our new supplier survey process.

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Trying to send a survey using 3E Exchange but you may not have all products/materials or supplier data imported? No worries! 3E Exchange's new supplier survey creation process will allow you to send surveys and add additional information about product/material names and supplier contact details on the fly.

Our new survey interface will apply in all three survey creation scenarios below:

  • From the 'Get Started' page

  • Sending surveys on selected products/materials in your 3E Exchange library ('My Products' or 'My Materials')

  • Sending surveys to selected existing suppliers in 'My Suppliers'

From the 'Get Started' Page

Within the 'Get Started' page, click 'Start' for the section where it says 'Request Data From Your Suppliers'.

The '3E Exchange Starter Template' will be auto-selected for you. You can click on the drop down highlighted below to switch to another template, or edit an existing template to create your own.

You can click on each of the template settings in green to preview their details.

If you choose 'Edit Template', the next page will look like below, and you can move through different sections to modify the template and/or send the survey directly from here.

Back in the new survey creation view, you can manually type in a supplier name under 'Company Name' and their email address under 'Contact Email'. In this same view, you can also click on the 'Materials' button to create a new product/material name to add to the survey, or select an existing product/material from your library. Otherwise, the recipient supplier will be able to submit data for any products or materials of their own choosing.

You can add or remove a supplier from this survey creation process bychecking the box next to their name, then clicking the corresponding button at the top of this view. You can also add suppliers by importing a list from a spreadsheet in this same view.

Once you are happy with all the settings and added details, click 'Send Requests' to send out the survey(s), and you're done!

Sending Surveys on Selected Products/Materials in your 3E Exchange Library

You can follow the bulk survey sending process detailed in this help article: Sending Surveys in Bulk. The new interface similar to the one described above will apply when you select the option to preview surveys before sending. From there, you can proceed with modifying the surveys by navigating through the different requested data options, apply or edit a template, or modifying the associated suppliers and products/materials.

Sending Surveys to Selected Existing Suppliers in 'My Suppliers'

From the 'My Suppliers' page, select one or more suppliers and click 'Create Survey'.

In the next window, the '3E Exchange Started Template' will be auto-selected and the supplier name and email will be auto-populated. From this view, click 'Materials' to add a new product/material name for the supplier in the survey, or choose from their existing associated product/material in your library. You can also select a different template or modify and create a new template to use for the survey.

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