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How to create, edit, and insert summary data pages into questionnaires.

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Summary data templates allow you to store data within your product and material records to help organize your library. Everything in red boxes below is considered summary data. Those that are highlighted in yellow (and below the grey line in your 3E Exchange account) are considered "custom" and are built out by the user. Any 3E Exchange user is able to build out their own summary data pages

How do I create summary data pages and illuminate them under my product and material records?

  1. Navigate to Templates (far left toolbar at the bottom) > Product and Material Data Fields > Manager Product/Material Data Fields

  2. Press "Add Page" to create a new tab in your product. Each page here will be a new tab or a new summary data page shown in all product and material records.

  3. Under each page, you can add as many fields as you would like. These are the options that you will see:

  4. You also have the option to "Move" or "Copy" fields so that they are inserted in different pages or organized in a different order. File attachments can also be required along with the answer type selected.

  5. After saving and closing the template, the summary data page will automatically be added to your product and material records. You can make sure it is visible by clicking on "Favorites" and checking the box next to the page.

  6. From here, you will be able to click into the summary data page to edit fields or view information.

How do I create a table to collect LCA information?

LCA data is needed to allocate the energy used at your facility on a per-product basis. This will support your requests for LCA and EPDs. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or with questions.

  1. Start a summary data page and insert a new question as a "Data Table" option.

  2. Add a question or instructional message at the top and then enter the names for as many columns as you would like.

  3. Save the table and add additional questions to your template if necessary.

  4. The summary data template will look like this in your product or material record:

How do I collect data on these fields via a survey?

You are able to insert these templates into your surveys to ensure that data flows correctly into your product and material records when you accept the survey responses.

  1. Go to My Surveys > Questionnaires > Add Questionnaire

  2. Create an Empty Questionnaire and give it a title.

  3. Press "Import from Template" and "BOM Summary Data Template"

  4. Choose the applicable pages and fields you would like to add to the questionnaire.

    1. Import the fields and they will be pages in your questionnaire.

  5. Insert the questionnaire into your survey template to send to your suppliers. It is important to note that you cannot change the survey template after moving it into a questionnaire unless you recreate the questionnaire. The old questionnaire will reflect the template at the time that you inserted it into the questionnaire.

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