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Getting started with your Product and Materials Library

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Your Dashboard

You can access your subscription tools using the navigation buttons on the left of the page:

On the Products and Materials pages, you'll see your main 3E Exchange dashboard, where you can view your library of Products and Materials. Products and Materials are both lists or inventories of substances and chemicals -- and Products are made up of Materials, which are modular. i.e. Materials may show up in more than one Product

To view a product or material, just click on the name in the list. To create or import Product or Material data, click the "Import Data" button. You can also click on "Get Started" on the top of the toolbar and select "Import Data" from that screen as well.

Organizing Your Data

Have a large library? You can assign tags to Products and Materials by typing into the text boxes in the Tags column. Then filter your library by searching in the search box above the library, or clicking on the Filter Tags drop down above the library.

You can also set a status flag on each Product or Material. Just click on the area under the status column to set a state.

Importing a Library

You can import an entire library of Products or Materials from a single spreadsheet. To import a Materials Library, go to your My Materials view, click "Import Data" at the top, and select "Material Library."

On the Import view, select your spreadsheet, configure whether it has header rows or footer rows, and click "Import Material Library." You'll be able to select which columns from the spreadsheet go to specific fields in 3E Exchange. Then import the data.

If you are importing to update existing materials, you'll get an option to overwrite existing materials, create new materials instead, or skip any conflicts:


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