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Searching the 3E Exchange Database
Searching the 3E Exchange Database

Quickly search the world's best chemicals hazard data

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3E Exchange Search

The reality with chemicals hazard information is that the amount of time required to find the relevant information is a huge barrier to most users. 3E Exchange has gathered the world's best chemicals hazard data and put it in one place, with a fast search.

You can search from the Chemical Hazards tab in the app. 

To search, enter any of:


  • Chemical name

  • Alternative name

  • EC Number

  • Functional use

  • Hazard score

To see chemical hazard information, we ask that you sign up for a free account. This is so you can share substance comparisons and upvote substances that need assessments.

When you search, you'll get a list of search results, ranked by relevancy.

Click on a registry number or name to see detailed hazard data for that substance. To compare substance hazards at a glance, select multiple search results (checkboxes) and then click Add to Comparison.

To learn more about comparing substances, see Comparing and Sharing.

If you find duplicates, send us feedback by selecting the relevant search results and clicking "Flag Duplicates."

Google Search

Alternatively, search 3E Exchange's database with Google by entering a CASRN or chemical name and the term "3E Exchange."

Keep in mind that because Google is only searching the information available to a user who isn't logged in, it won’t be able to search the full contents of the substance profile. Nonetheless, this can be handy!

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