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Use the left side of the app for navigating to 3E Exchange's modules. On smaller devices, the navigation menu is accessible from the drop down in the app header.

  • Get Started:

    • View the most common workflows in 3E Exchange

    • View a summary of your tasks, such as outstanding surveys to respond to

    • Access our orientation guide and a link to our help article library

  • My Products: view and manage your product library

  • My Materials: view and manage your materials library

    • Certifications: view and manage certifications data associated with your products and materials

    • SCIP Dashboard: view and manage your SCIP submissions via 3E Exchange

    • The Certifications and SCIP Dashboard pages are visible as sub-menus when you click on either My Products or My Materials

  • Portfolio Analytics: view analytics aggregated across all data in your account

  • Passport Library: access our peer-to-peer data sharing hub where you can view digital product passports published by other 3E Exchange users

    • My Brands: view and edit company pages for your product brands

    • Manage Permissions: view and manage permission and privacy settings of your published product passports

  • My Publications: view and management your publications such as Declare labels or digital product passports

  • My Suppliers: view your suppliers' information and create surveys based on supplier selections

  • My Surveys: view and manage survey requests and responses

    • Questionnaire: create your own custom questionnaires

  • My Customers: manage your custom data request page, customer information, and response to customer requests using data in your 3E Exchange library

  • Import Data: access data import workflows and view a list of your previous data imports

  • Chemical Hazards: search 3E Exchange's world class database of chemical hazards. Compare & share hazard data.

  • Lists & Substances:

    • 3E Exchange Lists: view a list of publicly available substance lists tracked in 3E Exchange

    • My Lists: view and manage your private custom substance lists

    • My Substances: view and manage your custom substances

    • Substance Data Changes: access information about changes to substance lists in 3E Exchange and a list of your products and materials that may be affected by those changes

  • Tasks: view and manage your to-dos in 3E Exchange

  • Fill Out Surveys: view and manage your in-progress supplier survey requests sent by your customers via 3E Exchange

  • Templates:

    • View and manage how you view your BOM and summary data for products/materials and suppliers

    • View and manage survey templates

  • Subscription: view your current subscription status

  • Settings: view and manage your 3E Exchange in-app settings, manufacturer information, and BOM export settings

    • Profile: view and manage your profile settings such as your password and language, connect your email address for survey sending purposes, and connect your 3E Exchange account to other platforms such as ILFI or EU ECHA

    • Manage Team: view and manage access for members of your 3E Exchange team account

    • API & Developers

  • Click on your email address at the bottom left of your 3E Exchange screen to navigate to other team accounts that you are a member of or to sign out of your account

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