Adding custom questionnaires to a Supplier Survey

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When you send a supplier survey, questionnaires are used to ask questions about their material or the supplier.  Questionnaires are made up of multiple questions, and each question can have variety of different answer types. To send any questions in a survey, it is required to use a questionnaire.

To to create new questionnaires or view and edit your existing ones, use the questionnaires tab in the sidebar, within the Supply Chain section.  (Try it yourself here)

Editing a Questionnaire

On the questionnaires tab, click the "Add Questionnaire" button to create a new questionnaire.

Next, you'll be asked if you want to start with a blank questionnaire, or pull questions from your Summary Data Templates in your account. This can allow you to standardize your questions to what you are already tracking within 3E Exchange. 

For new and infrequent users, we recommend using the "Create an Empty Questionnaire" option.

Give the questionnaire a title, select your type, include optional Instructions for end-users, and enable branding for your questionnaire if you would like your logo to appear on the questionnaire itself. The questionnaire "type" should be based on what the questions are about. If they are about the supplier, pick "Supplier". If they are about the parts or materials the supplier is selling to you, pick "BOM". Select the "Done" button when you are finished with these customizations. 

Then click the "Add New Page" button at the bottom to add a page. This allows you to organize questions by topic. 

Following that, click "New Question" to begin adding questions. 

When you add or edit questions, you use the question editor to configure the question:

The following answer types are available in 3E Exchange: 

  • Attestation - This creates an pop-up that allows survey respondents to certify that their answers or complete or to a certain threshold. Read more here.

  • Comment - This is used to include information in your survey that doesn't need a response. 

  • Date - To help indicate to respondents to respond with a date. 

  • Dropdown Menu Selector - Allows for answers to appear in a dropdown.

  • File - Area for a file attachment

  • Image URL - Insert an image URL and view a preview of the image

  • Multiple Choice (only one answer)  - The supplier may select only one answer from a set of answers. 

  • Multiple Choice (multiple answers) - The supplier may select any number of answers from a set of answers.

  • Text - Free-text box for written answers

  • URL - Field to insert a URL

Place your question text and choose your answer type. For multiple choice questions, add pre-defined answers using the "New Answer" button.

You can decide here whether you would like the question to be required. You can also specify if you want to require file attachments with the question by selecting the "Require File Attachment" checkbox.

From there, you can add question-specific instructions or add follow-up questions.

When you're ready, click "Save" to save the question.

Working with Questions

As you add Questions, you'll see a preview of the Questionnaire:

Click the Pencil buttons to edit a question. You can also copy a question or move a question's order when you edit a question.

Adding a Standard or Custom Page

There is a bank of standard questions that you have access to. These questions are focused on compliance, however you have the opportunity to create your own custom pages that meet whatever your needs may be. 

While compliance questions cannot be modified to ensure accurate determinations, you can add specific instructions for these based on your surveying and compliance needs.

Advanced Questionnaire Options

You can use some advanced settings to make more detailed questionnaires. These setting include follow-up questions to a questionnaire, making certain questions required if a particular answer is selected. You can also add jump-to logic, allowing suppliers to skip entire pages based on their answers.

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