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Declare Label Submission, Review, and Publishing
Declare Label Submission, Review, and Publishing

This article will walk you through the submission, review, approval, and publishing process of your new Declare Label!

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Now that you've completed most of the guided Declare workflow, you're ready to move to the "Submit" step!

You will first be taken through a publishing workflow, followed by the Declare review and approval workflow. If you need a refresher on creating a Declare Label, visit the link below. 

If you instead need to renew a Declare label, use this article to complete the renewal. 

Publishing Workflow

This next (and final) workflow will walk you through exactly what you will be sending to Declare and how it will look. 

Start by selecting "Start the Submission".

First, it will ask you to complete the details about your product that will be used for the publishing of the label. The manufacturer logo will be the same as the one saved for your company in the report options setting. If one is uploaded here it will save over the one in the default settings. This also will pull this data as entered in the "General Info" page. 

The product name under Step 3, Update Publishing Information, Product/Material Name, will be the product name as appears on the final Declare label, so it's important to check that the name input in this section is correct.

Select "Continue". Then confirm the information and select "Continue" again when ready.

The final page of the submission workflow will have a button titled "Submit Declare Label to ILFI". The options are as follows:

  • Save Draft: This will save a draft to your Publications section and the draft can be edited at any time simply by returning to the Publication section. 

  • Preview: This allows you to preview the data you will be sending to ILFI according to how it will probably look in the final Declare label.

  • Submit Declare Label to ILFI - Share for Feedback: This submits the label just for feedback, but the label can't flow from here into approval unless you resubmit it. This should be used when you are only looking for feedback and not trying to create an actual label. 

  • Submit Declare Label to ILFI - Submit for Approval (Recommended): This submits the label for approval to ILFI. The next step will be paying for your label, which is the first step of the Declare review and approval workflow. This will begin a workflow where ILFI will review your created label, reach out if they have feedback, return a draft label for you to review, and then end with them publishing the label to their site. A diagram of this process is below.

Select the option that best suits you.

Payment and Submission

The first step once the label has been submitted is to finalized submission by paying. 

You can enter any coupon codes you have, and then pay for the full value or the rest of the cost using a credit card. This payment screen is only for purchasing this specific Declare label and any money paid here is paid directly to ILFI. If you have questions about the cost of the labels, please contact Declare Support at If you are not ready to purchase, you can always click cancel and return to the previous screen. 

Once the payment is successfully processed you will get the following alert. You will receive a submission purchase confirmation over email as well. 

Your new submitted label will now appear in your publications tab with the status listed as "Submitted for Publication". At any time you may click on the name of the submission in your Publications section and then click the link in the publications area to view the details of your submission. 

Declare Review and Approval Workflow

Approve Draft Label

Once the label information has been reviewed by ILFI, they will release a draft label for your review.  You will receive email notification that they have released the draft label for you to review. Access the label through your Publications page, click on the name of the product, and then click on the Data Type to view your detailed submission view. 

Here you can view the draft, download it and approve it. If there is something that you would like to change in the label, Resubmit with Updates. Once you are happy with the draft label, go ahead and approve the label and ILFI will be notified. From there, they will publish the label. Once they have published, it will become visible on their site within 48 hours.

Congrats you have completed your Declare label publishing! 

Getting Help

If you have question about the Declare label process and information, contact If you have questions about using 3E Exchange, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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