Managing Team Groups

Do you have multiple users on your account that you want to break into sub groups with varying permissions? Here's how.

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Who can utilize the team groups features?

Any 3E Exchange subscription that is Pro Level and above with more than one user on the account can use team group features.

What are Team Groups?

Team Groups allow the owner of a 3E Exchange account to break their user list out into sub groups. Examples of sub groups could be business units, business locations, brands, and more!

How do I add users to my account?

The first step in adding users to your 3E Exchange Pro account is to invite them. You can do this in bulk or one at a time by clicking here:

This will either:

  1. Send an email to an existing 3E Exchange user to sign in and view the new team

  2. Send an email to someone without a 3E Exchange account to sign up for a free account and join your team

How do I create Team Groups?

Navigate to Settings > Manage Team > Team Groups > Add New Team Group

Type in the name of the Team Group Here and it will automatically save:

Navigate back to the All Team Members tab and multi-select users you want to add to a Team Group and then assign them:

All Team Groups and the number of users in each will now show up here:

You will also be able to see team assignments on the All Team Members tab:

How do I assign certain product and material permissions to Team Groups?

You can navigate to the My Products and My Materials libraries, multi-select products or materials, scroll to the column on the right where you see the locks, and then click on one of the locks to assign to all products and materials selected.

Here you can apply editing or viewing rights for specific products and materials:

Can I import this Team Group assignment data using a product or material library spreadsheet?

Yes! Feel free to use or product or material import templates and add an additional column to the template titled "Team Group" where you can specify which products and materials belong to which team groups. This will allow for bulk assignment.

You're now all set to create and utilize Team Groups in your 3E Exchange account!

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